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Mobile Shredding in Fairfax , VA

Fairfax Mobile Shredding Services

mobiel shredding services fairfax

Find mobile shredding services for your home or business in Fairfax, VA. Many people agree—having the option to witness your documents being shredded is very important when choosing a shredding service. Some Fairfax businesses are even required by federal and Virginia law to certify the proper destruction of sensitive documents. Mobile shredding, also call on site shredding, is unique in that the only service of its kind where the option to witness document destruction is available.

On site shredding comes to your location, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of transportation.

Local mobile shredding trucks are fully self-contained, can operate without any outside power source, and can shred in minutes what it would take months to do with a normal office shredder. The trucks can process 6,000 pounds an hour, so most projects only take a couple of minutes.

The Mobile Shredding Process in Fairfax

  1. Contact Fairfax Paper Shredding to get free quotes on mobile shredding services customized for your project.
  2. Collect all documents to one location or into the provided containers. Don’t worry about sorting out staples or paperclips.
  3. Materials are destroyed in a secure shredding compartment of the truck. You can witness the entire process.
  4. The shredded materials are compacted, pulped down, and recycled into new paper.
  5. A Certificate of Destruction will be provided after the job is done.
mobiel shredding services fairfax

Ongoing Services

For regularly scheduled shredding, secure, locked containers are brought to your Fairfax home or office for free. You simply collect any documents into these containers, and a shredding technician will come to shred these documents at your location on a regular, predetermined schedule.

While we can provide you with one-time purge services, we can also schedule daily, weekly, bi-weekly, annual, bi-annual services, and more!

Ongoing services also apply to our secure off site and hard drive destruction services.

Get FREE Quotes for Mobile Shredding Services in Fairfax!

If you want to observe your documents being shredded, then on site shredding is for you. Fairfax Paper Shredding provides secure on site shredding options for your protection and convenience. We understand to importance of your security and the security of your business. Let Fairfax Paper Shredding help protect you today.

To get started, simply fill out the form or call us at (703) 722-0606.

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